The Spa Netr™ is the perfect net for cleaning any hot tub or spa. Pictured here is a special order color
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Products We Manufacture & Sell
Products manufactured by Westar Plastics LLC            Peg Board Styles
Corner Protectors. 4 3/8" wide x 1 3/8" height. We sell these in Bulk of 4,000 pieces or we can ship to you in any quantities. Call  for pricing.
Wrought Iron Chair Slides. Fits 1 1/2" diameter chair legs. Sold in package of 4.Call for pricing.
Peg Board Hooks. Sold in bulk or in packages of 12. Clink on link above to see different styles.
Our Pool Netr™ line of swimming pool nets for surface cleaning. Made of "no break" plastic resin frames with stainless-steel screens.
Leaf Netr Nets. This is our swimming pool net for the service and maintenance industry. Featuring the same quality frame as our Pool Netr, this comes with a 14" deep nylon net and it's made for the toughest jobs.
Our Spa Netr™ line of handheld nets for surface cleaning of spas, hot tubs, and koi ponds. Made to last and manufactured with "no break" plastic resin frames and stainless-steel screens.
These butterfly clips are powerful spring-action clips for attaching accessories to poles and skimmers to standard poles. Sturdy, made to last, and made in the USA.
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